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Zitlalitl stands for queen of all roses. Zitlalitl is a beautiful women she has long dark hair and dark eyes she has perfect eyebrows . If you ever meet someone with the name zitlalitl Your heart will melt with her attitude and beauty. Zitlalitl is a kind loving romantic and silly . Once you meet zitlalitl you will wish to be aside her for the rest of the day and you will wish you have spent more time with her . She has an eye for blonde and dark haired guys and she looks for a guy that takes care of himself . If you meet zitlalitl make sure you make the best of your time with her
Boy-omg who is that

friend- oh that's my friend zitlalitl

Boy- she's hot
Friend- yea she is

Boy-hook me up

Friend - just to let you know once you meet her you won't want to let go

Boy- ok it's fine she's hot af
by Zitlalitl June 28, 2017
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