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a gay nub wit a big ass nose that always seems to become a shaman in any clan even though he is a dick
man: hey zin sup
zinwraith: sup whore
man: hey can u host lotr foots plz
zinwraith: no
hour l8r
zinwraith: got 10 sec to get to clan for me to host lotr foots
zinwraith: 10
zinwraith: 9
zinwraith: 8
zinwraith: 7
zinwraith: 6
zinwraith: 5
zinwraith: 4
zinwraith: 3
zinwraith: 1
zinwraith: 0
zinwraith: guess im not hosting it
man: hey u skipped 2
zinwraith: 2 is for fags
man: u gay motherfucker
zinwraith: o ur mom liked it trust me
by ackbard December 20, 2007
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