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One hell of a Norwegian band. Formerly Seigmen. More or less industrial. The band consists of five people. Alex Møklebust-vocals, Kim Ljung – bass/vocals, Noralf Ronthi – drums, Erik Ljunggren – programming, Chris Schleyer – guitars. Many have believed that Zeromancer actually is German. And that's no wonder. The name Zeromancer is no stranger to allot of german people due to all the gigs and promotional stuff they have going down there.
Listening to zeromancer downin' some pills, cutting our arms. Not a thing to do.
by black tape December 03, 2003
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Industrial band from Germany.

Band members:
Vocals: Alex Møklebust
Guitar: Chris Schleyer
Bass: Kim Ljung
Drums: Noralf Ronthi
Keyboards/Electronics: Erik Ljunggren

Songs such as Need You Like A Drug, Flirt, Fade To Black, Clone Your Lover, Doctor Online (1-800-Suicide)
(guy 1)Dude what are you listenin to?

(guy 2)Zeromancer

(guy 1)What do they sing?

(guy 2)Need You Like A Drug

(guy 1)Nice
by DC Toshi August 09, 2006
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A practitioner of an ultra modern form of witch craft started at the turn of the millenia, which combines technology and magick. The idea has been, and still is, regected by most practitioners of the old craft as it is seen as an insult to those who practice "actual" magick. Uses attributes from Divination and some Nordic and Celtic witch craft, as well as any other forms that the Zeromancer feels could possibly work.
"My friend 'Joe-Blow' is a Zeromancer."
by Lexx Sinister August 31, 2005
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