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A beautiful name for a girl. That is very kind, nice, pretty, cute, adorable, fierce, and some more. She make look mean but she not she's very kind deep inside. SO DON'T JUDGE A ZERLIA BY IT LOOKS. A girl that is a picky eater but she picks the bestest food. So get youre taste bud ready :D.
She's pickie when it comes to boys too cause she wants to pick the right one she ain't no want some player ;-;.No mess with her friends or she'll beat you up. She may look like she doesn't know how to punch but she knows. After one punch she going beat youre ass up ;D. She cares about her friends more than you think. She knows more than you think so basically she shy and she doesn't talk much but she knows more than you know. When you get to know her better and when she gets comfortable with you she will do some crazy stuff with you.
boy- damnn!! who that girl??
2boy- thas Zerlia
boy- she going be mine
2boy- goodluck
by Maneliacale March 13, 2017
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