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A charismatic, loud (sometimes obnoxious) person who contradicts themselves and is very easily under the influence of others. A person who tries to become their own person by becoming 'independent' yet still has the characteristics of a spoiled child. School is a huge factor in their life- this person is a lover of learning but also a lover of adventures. They love to do spontaneous things, be free and wild. They need order in their life but neglect it for unknown reasoning. They are hard headed, and have difficulty admitting they are wrong. They are open to read like a book- but as they grow older they become distant. They have difficulties with priorities- tendency to number them wrongly- but will learn to deal with this problem. Even with all their negative characteristics they have a loving side. They will always have a persons back even if that person have previously wronged them- they have difficulty saying 'no' to their loved ones. They are confident and instill confidence to their loved ones but they have problems with their own image. They are outspoken and funny- they have a problem with needing to please others. Could be due to their insecurities . Lastly, they make many mistakes, but as they grow older these mistakes will only be lessons learned.
"OMG! Being a Zayani is awesome!"
"Zayani is so understanding. lol"
"That was such a Zayani move. smh"
by Taker+Giver May 19, 2016
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