Deception by total informational environmental control - when a single entity can control the whole information environment , and essentially create reality -

in the case that the JFK film was able to be a fabrication, becasue everything was shot on film, (still or motion) and thus easy to control that image information.

If one can control the film developedment points mostly in film motion , at labs, and then confiscate nearly everything else both though appeal for evidence and controlling the development labs and controlling everyone present, in this way by shooting film themselves the "controller of image information" can essentially create reality, and present that as the "best evidence" or even reality.

the internet and even a simple smart phone , is a big defense against being Zaprudered , for example there is no way the JFK incident could have occurred as it did, even if simple and small video cameras existed.

Its probably one of the most powerful deceptions because being Zaprudered involves human senses , and its easy to misunderstand how easy information was to control in the recent past .
People that watch TV are Zaprudered.

Greg is so Zaprudered he believes all the news on the TV and doesn't realize that 5 companies own all the channels !

Man i feel dirty, I got so Zaprudered into the Iraq war, i was watching a lot of TV , I even yelled USA USA USA!

Bob is so Zaprudered he buys into Alex Jones NWO conspiracies, even though the USD IS the world currency?? WTF?
by digitalindustry April 18, 2013
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