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1. Someone who loves to play the video game Street Fighter using Zangief and is really well.
2. Someone who plays really well with Zangief, and would give him a hand-job if he was real.
3. Someone who looks like the testicles of the famous Capcom Street Fighter's character Zangief
3. A person that plays really well with Capcom Street Fighter character Zangief and would spread his or her ass cheeks to get boned by the character showing true love.
4. someone who wold lick Zangief's left nut for $1.00
Bobo always chooses Zangief whenever he plays Street Fighter 4, therefore he is a zangiefucker...!

No one can beat that zangiefucker Bobo, he is too good with Zangief.

That zangiefucker is so good with Zangief, he must have wet dreams about him because he knows all of his combos & moves.
by guile666 April 02, 2009
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