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An MTV RW and Challenge series cast member who frequently degrades women with the belief that he's entitled to demonstrate superiority being part of the 'greater species'. This little bitch cries when he's tasked to complete challenges that involve changes in barometric pressure i.e. underwater dives & uphill climbs. He literally curls his herculean body into the fetal position and screams a high-pitched banshee scream and lashes out at onlookers who are in disbelief of the pitiful sight, hypocrisy and piss poor sportsmanship. Oddly, he also restricts his dating pool to an incestuous subset of only MTV cast members and turns hateful once the relationship fizzles out.
'Women are inferior to men' - zach nichols
'Women are swamp donkeys' - zach nichols
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by simone de beauvoyeur June 04, 2018
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