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Usually a hot brunette with big beautiful brown eyes. If you ever meet a Zabdy you'll never forget her. There's just something about her that you can't let go of, so good luck if you're trying to forget her bud. She's the most trustful and caring person you'll ever meet. And I mean not that butts matter...but damn...she's got a fine one. Can always turn a nigga on with her way of speaking and everything about her basically...and if you know a zabdy dude I'm not even exxageratin, consider urself blessed. Oh and again...she's fine asf dude.
1:Dude you're still into her??
2:How do you expect me to forget about Zabdy bro?
by poojhjjkllfffjk November 16, 2016
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Usually an awful furry that eats dogs and cats. She has huge anime eyes and screams at any moving object that comes within her line of sight. Over all not a very funny person.
Wow, that girl screaming over there sure sounds like a Zabdy!
by I’mGonnaKermitSewerSlide October 16, 2019
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