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A beautiful, smart girl that is envied by alot of slutty people. She always has people who she can depend on. Yuribet always has a positive attitude toward anything...except towards the backstabbers. If there is something Yuribet hates, its..people talking behind her back..and 2 faced bitches!!!!! She is not a afraid for a challenge and is very brave! She is loyal and any guy would fall for her. She's an angel, your princess, just a perfect girl.
Yuribet you are so beautiful I wish I could be you.
by Jenni Silvia June 05, 2016
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A bad ass female... she’s such a baddie and so fine. She smart and loving. Any guy would fall for her. She’s loyal so get you a Yuribet. She’s a princess, a queen, royalty. You will never leave your side and she will never betray you. She’s a female that will never turn her back on you. When you need anyone she’s always there for you. She’s so sweet but if you get on her you won’t want to see her bad side. She’s just perfect and so beautiful.
Yuribet I wish you could be mine you’re so beautiful and you have the cutest smile ever I wish I could be so gorgeous like you.
by Bailey1010 November 25, 2017
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