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A person who is from a eastern oriental country such as China, Japan, or Korea. He is smart and have the following aspects although not limited to:

1. straight A*'s
2. strict/rich parents
3. good at Math and Science
4. a hidden gangster/ninja
5. a true artist
6. some that is beyond the level of a origami master
7. good at video games
8. generally dominates at anything they set out to do

also, he is considered a nerd, but more of a cool-nerd type.
Yuhao: hey mum, I got A* in my maths exam!

Mother: Good son! Here is your 10 pound.
Father: Did u get full marks?
Yuhao: FUCK!I only got 98 marks shit, my father is going to kill me!
by The Omnipotent Asian October 14, 2014
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