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Pronunciation of Yudelka yudel-ka

As a girls' name it is of Hebrew origin, and Yudelka means "praise". Yudelka is a variant form of Yudit (Hebrew).

It is a highly popular name in the Dominican Republic, an island located in the Carribean (Greater Antilles), in between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Modern veriations of the name include Zuleika, Suleika.

ASSOCIATED WITH praise (glory)
"The girl is headstrong and stubborn, but loyal and devoted."

"Sounds like a Yudelka."

"She is very sweet and caring, sometimes too much for her own good."

"That sounds like a Yudelka. Be careful though, if pushed the wrong way she'll turn into a wolf."
by aronolivowolfwd July 19, 2017
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A true dickhead
Person 1 "That was a true dick head thing of me to do"
Person 2"Wow you really are a Yudelka"
by coolKidz215 August 08, 2015
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