a bitchass extension of youtube that keeps changing which songs it does and doesn't keep on its site for more than 3 minutes.
"What do you listen to music on?"
"I use Youtube Music"
by this specific dumbass June 6, 2020
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Youtuber Music is a song(s) made by a youtuber with a modest following, that they gathered by making videos not about music. Their channel could be based around any topic, like gaming, animation or science. The song is usually made with the intent to gain a following from it or using it to boost reputation. They aren't making it out of passion, which is why the term is used in a derogatory manner.

Youtuber Music usually contains one (or more) of the following:
-Electronic music, or heavy autotune
-Songs about their life or about a certain aspect of their channel
-'Bad' music that only gets listened to because of their name attached to it

Tiktoker music is similar, except the singer of the song is popular on Tiktok, not Youtube.
Rose: Have you listened to Road Trip by Dream yet?
Sydney: God, no. That's Youtuber Music. Cringe.
Rose: Hey, it's not that bad!

Garrett: My little brother listens to Youtuber Music, and all the synth sounds are getting on my nerves.
by Adrian_dodododododo October 22, 2021
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