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a "your mum" joke lasting for at least a minute complex enough to involve a cast of people and a plot. Usually involving your mother being violated, raped, whoring herself out for money or undergoing some form of gender reassingment. Consistently racist with massive stereotyping. Some your mum epics are long enough to have recurring themes or subplots.

This is one of the only true comebacks to a your mum joke.
However the story must remain clear enough to be understood but grotesque and violent enough to prevent any interruptions. delivery must be deadpan but speedy.

Do not attempt this if you do not have an extremely sick mind or cannot think on your feet as a timid ending can make you look like a complete arsehole.
such a joke can only be delivered verbally unfortuneately but i do have a forthcoming yourmumcast, which i may attach to this entry in the future.

-that your mum epic was fucking disgusting!

- yeah, i cant believe that guys mum had sex with the guy from

- dude, its made up, thats the point, youre such a dickshit
by eddy baby July 25, 2006
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