a young liberal is easily recognizable in the wild. With their Ralph Lauren polo and their white or tan chino's, they do however blend in perfectly when in their comfort zones of UTS, University of Melbourne and the University of Adelaide. here they can be observed feasting on coffee obtained from a farm run by slaves of a drug lord, paid for by their grandparent's franking credits while they search the stock price of mummy and daddy's investment that bought them their BMW. Be careful when approaching one that you do not come across a BMW, because if you see several in close proximity, sometimes with their Mercedes cousins, that means that a colony of "alpha" male young liberals is nearby. they can be extremely harmful if you or your parents work or are on Centrelink, but can easily be defeated by homosexuality.
Person 1: woah, be careful, a young liberal
Person 2: it's okay, i'm gay
by Senor Gorgeous June 13, 2019
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