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noun- (see also, youk)

a synonym for a woman's reproductive organ.

this usage based off the popular Boston baseball ball player well known for missing lots and lots of games with very questionable "injuries" such as stiff neck, splinter in finger, hurt toe, sprained labia etc.
"Man, my buddy is being such a youkilis lately... he hasnt played basketball with us for 3 weeks because of that in-grown hair."

"Was at the strip club last night and one of the girls told me 20 bucks to see boobs, and 40 to see youk."

"Dude so i tried to look up some youkilis on google, but i had to turn off safe search first"
by chirexx August 29, 2011
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An ugly man who attempts to hurt people who are younger and taller than him, although he can't.
Hey man, don't be a Youkilis
by hipeople84 January 24, 2010
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