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Expression used to convey that the person's resources have - or will be - cut off. Originates from Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers in which Rico's father cuts him off for being obnoxious and dangerously care-free.

The phrase "That's it! You are cut off!" can also be used. The following are instances in which these 2 expressions can be heard:

Example #1

Stan: Why isn't the internet working? I need to finish my homework!
Martin: Maybe something's wrong with the modem.
Jennifer: Your mother just disconnected the cable!
Martin: You are cut off young man!!

Example #2

Steve: Hey John, can you lend me some money?
Mark: You're asking him again? Didn't you already owe him?
John: That's it, you are cut off!
Original Transcript from Starship Troopers. Bill Rico is Johnny's father.

Johnny Rico: I won't quit.
Mr.Bill Rico: I'm telling you, you will. You're not going back, you're going on vacation!
Johnny Rico: I'm not going on vacation! I want to be a citizen. It's my decision.

*Johnny heads toward the door.*

Mr.Bill Rico: You walk out that door you are cut off young man, understand?

*Johnny leaves.*

Mr.Bill Rico: All right! That's it! You are cut off!
by Comrade Karl October 23, 2005
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