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Is a hot Bulgarian, half way in the closet. Often refers to herself as Danny when trying to befriend humans. Mostly seen dressed as a chav and often found lurking in dark alleyways wearing nothing but a pair of nipple tassels. Occasionally yordankas have been known to feed on children. However they are more likely to feed on celery sticks as they are shy about their dietary requirements. Yordankas are however very outgoing people. They have a tendency of waking up in the middle of the night screaming "Oh! Thundercock!" Repeatedly. Despite such obvious magnetic qualities, yordankas tend to struggle when forming social relationships, their habit of smearing grapefruit flavoured frozen yoghurt upon themselves whilst twerking to Madonna is seen as disturbing by some. She likes to follow the latest hypes and is thus (at present times) a great admirer of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.
*scream in the middle of the night*
"Oh that must have been a yordanka"

"Why are there nipple tassels in my frozen yoghurt ?"
Oh that must have been a yordanka
by November 06, 2013
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