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The last name belonging to a select group of handsome Japanese studs with firmly toned asses and great smiles. A Yonami can take a woman's heart with no effort at all, but will usually choose not too. This is due to extreme laziness and a complete disregard for regular ass hoes. A Yonami can get a girl in bed simply by saying "It's a nice weather today" and SLAPPING that bitch in the face. Yonamis are known for their plain white t-shirts, heavy drug use, ninja samurai skills, and shitty English.
Nic: "Mr. Chi! Did you see that kid steal my bitch right now? He did a backflip and chugged a whole bottle of vodka while kicking Nour in the face!"

Mr. Chi: "Shit. His last name must be Yonami."
by Eness December 17, 2013
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