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A mentally retarded Competitive COD player. Part of the FanduM competitive team. Is often forgotten because no one accepts him on the team. His name, Yokez reflects on the fact that he is a joke according to the fans, his teammates, and his high school chinese teacher, Ms. H (Who made up the name). Even though Yokez plays hours of COD, he still doesn't know what prefire/preaim is, what S&D is, and what the rules are for competitive. The K.D. on his "tryhard" account is a whopping 1.3! Yokez's style of play is camping the spawn points on any map that allows camping, and complains when an enemy is doing the same. Fun fact: Yokez is the only player on COD AW, and once spent over a hundred dollars on the legacy edition of IW only to not like the game. He says its too hard, and continues to play AW. The FanduM squad knows when Yokez is in the skype call with them because of his infamous "ear rape". Yokez leaves on a TV in the back with full volume to destroy the ear drums of his teammates, and to distract them during competitions/GBs. Squad Leader DeiTY especially hates the ear rape and is often seen roasting yokez for it.
DeiTY: "Tf! Is Yokez in the fucking call?"
ZeRk; "Yeah."
Yokez: "Damnniggadamn!!!"
by DeiTYx November 17, 2016
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