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A rap line sung by South Korean idol Park Chanyeol (member of band EXO) in the song Forever. This line became a joke between the fans (EXO-L or Aeri) as soon as the song was released.
"Does this look good on me?"

"Yo, nice skirt!"
by miracles-in-minseok August 24, 2017
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A term used by south korean rapper Park Chanyeol in the song, "Forever", from EXO's album, Ko Ko Bop. It's said to indicate that he is complimenting a girl on her skirt but truly, he is looking at her behind.
Girl: *walks past boy*
Boy: *eyes dat ass*
Girl: *catches him looking*
Boy: Yo, Nice skirt. *nice save*
by Kindly Old EXO-L December 20, 2018
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