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A polite and playful euphemism for vagina, typically used by females or homosexual males. In the case of the latter, it also doubles as a context-sensitive term for something similar, such as a gay man's penis, anus, or otherwise metaphorical vagina. Confusingly, it may sometimes also describe any general person, place, or thing, depending on one's mood.

While exact origin is unknown, many parallels may be drawn between yingyong and dingdong/ding dong/ding-dong considering their strikingly similar construction, reference to genitalia, and somewhat comparable usage.

May also be shortened to yinger, which has a hard "g" sound.

Sometimes confused with yin yang or possibly even yuanyang.
Mary: "That puppy is so cute!"
Sue: "I knowww. I just wanna stick him in my yingyong!"

Sue: "Gawd, Kyle is so hot..."
Mary: "Ew, I can't believe you'd let that man anywhere near your yinger!"

Jaysen: "What on earth are those crazy yingyongs doing over there?"
by berthy March 07, 2011
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