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cute, funny, random, short, skinny, good friend, cheerleader, pretty, awkward, and unique.
cute funny skinny unique good friend yewon
by judykwonx3 October 23, 2010
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A Yewon is a very weird and strange person. They are always mean to everyone and have no humor. They always make mistakes and bully everyone. If you see a Yewon, make sure to STAY CLEAR OF THEM. Make sure you don't talk to them and have any connection with them. If you do that, you will be safe.
OMG that person is such a Yewon. We should kill her.
by ::;D&J December 10, 2017
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Originating from Korea, Ye Won is quite an odd creature. The Ye Won's of this world are known to be emanating pig-like sounds and tend to physical exercise with Miss Bootylicious (See Danyell). Also FAILS ALL HER CLASSES!
Danyell: Hey, it's Ye Won!
Ashlee: No, that's a pig.
Danyell: Oh. Well, it sounded like Ye Won.
by Danyell [Disaster] January 15, 2009
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