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The Voice of God.

Gifted from the Divine Dimensions to material existence on 10 January 1940 through the womb of Alicekutty, the wife of theater actor and musician Kattassery Augustine Joseph, in Fort Kochi (in present-day Kerala , India).

It is said that meditating to Yesudas's voice (particularly on recordings from the late 1970's to the late 1980's) with detached mindfulness can lead one to Enlightenment and liberation from the Wheel of Samsara.
Example 1:
Monk: I am God.
Random Dude: Nah, you don't look like Yesudas to me...

Example 2:
Curious Tourist: Hey, why is Kerala called God's Own Country?
Host/Tour Guide: Easy. Coz Yesudas is from Kerala.
CT: Who's Yesudas?
H/TG: Entheogen in human form. We've got him on mp3. (Waves a CD with the track 'Parayoo nin ganathil') Want some?
CT: Sure, let's trip together tonight! BTW, got somethin' groovy to dance to?
H/TG: Absolutely! (Takes out the Yesudas's New Age album 'Ahimsa') Check out the track 'Sari Sari' on this one. It was produced when he was living in Florida. It's da beats shit!
CT: Awesome! I love ya!
H/TG: Yesudas IS Love, Baby!
(A spark suddenly passes between their eyes. They jump on each other and merge mouths. A Brilliant Ball of Light appears in the sky above and magically carry the entwined couple into the Celestial Plane of Yesudas.)
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by Da Global Observer May 26, 2017
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