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Describes the collaborative power of Elite members of who are able to influence the public not to support a particular restaurant or bar due to a combined unfavorable experience.
Yelp is a popular website for restaurant and bar reviews and as such recognizes highly active members for their diligent efforts in providing the public with reviews and recommendations. These members are given an Elite status. To reward them Yelp hosts invitation-only events for these Elite members to promote a restaurant or bar, but if the business falls short of the high expectations of these Elite, the business may receive poor reviews, which in turn has the power to damage the restaurant or bar when the public decides what businesses to support.

A yelpshun may occur outside of a Yelp event when individual members have unfavorable experiences over time - which sends an even stronger message that the service, food, drinks, or overall experience is not recommended.
by citymeetsdesert October 05, 2010
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