The street name for the psychedelic drug 25I-NBOMe, a derivative of 2C-I. (Also known as N-BOMB)

Commonly misrepresented as LSD; 25I-NBOMe, cheaper to produce, is often sold at festivals and raves on blotter paper. Unlike LSD, 25I-NBOMe is extremely toxic at relatively low dosages. Combined with the hour-plus onset, where many unsuspecting victims re-dose, numerous deaths have been reported due to 25I overdose. Some overdose survivors suffer permanent damage including loss of limbs due to cardiovascular constriction, and brain damage.
I wasted $800 on a sheet of some fake acid blotters from some fucking hippy named "Bright" at Electric Forest last week.. It turned out to be YELLOW SUNSHINE or some fucking hippy bullshit, so the whole weekend was ruined.. also, my dick fell off, and all of my friends are dead.. I'm soooo pissed.
by Jarrettisfuckingawesome April 17, 2017
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