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an awesome pearl jam song that sounds like fellow bedwetter and kicks arse. its one of those songs you listen with your boyfriend and then cry on each other all day then eat sushi.
"out on the porch...."
by GANJAMAN December 02, 2004
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verb. To mumble incomprehensible, similar-sounding phonetics over song lyrics someone isn't sure about.

This is done as a lame attempt to cover up for the fact that someone really doesn't know the words, when the more appropriate action would have been to just shut the fuck up. It is your moral obligation to bust this person out, to preempt future singing fail.
Bob (singing): When the light's out, it's less dangerous! Here we are now, In containers!

John: Dude, did you just Yellow Ledbetter all over Kurt Cobain?! Spare me your song-desecration, Lamesauce!
by JillyBeane December 30, 2011
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