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An amazing Girl with Curly Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. She is lovable, and Honest. She has A perfect Smile, and she can make anyones day feel better. All Yeidalis's Have some kind of sad past in their life involving their familes, Even if it means the death of a loved one :( Yeidalis has Alot of nicknames like JJ, Yedi, Yeidi, & Yeda. She is absoluely Stunning, and has Perfect Teeth. Any man would be happy to have Yeidalis As a Girlfriend. Although She is beautiful, Yeidalis's Are Hella hard to find. If you find one and lose her, you might not find anyone like a Yeidalis in the world :)
Guy 1: Yo Did You See Yeidalis Today?
Guy 2: Yeah, and shes beautiful.
Guy 1: I Know Right. Absolutey Stunning.
by Random_Gurl400 October 12, 2017
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