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1) An exceptionally difficult sexual position to master which involves the legs of both the male and female being placed behind their heads (respectively) and thus leaving each member to balance solely upon the cheeks of the ass.

2) A forgotten Jewish holiday

3) An obscure strain of ass cancer
1) "Damn, you should have seen what Mary and I did last night!"

"What? The Oklahoma truck stop? The Bermuda Triangle? The Louisiana Purchase?"

"No, the yeep-a-deep! It took 15 minutes just to get situated but we finally can cross it off our bucket list!"

2) "Grand pa-pa, shall I make Skahovashlitz for yeep-a-deep this year?"

"Oy Vay!"

3) Fuck, I have yeep-a-deep.
by travaxle July 13, 2011
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