1. a pure kiwi term designed for the sole purpose of fucking the shit out of foreigners who aren't aware of how to interpret the algorithm; only pay attention to the last word in the composition.
yeah nah = nah

2. sometimes if us kiwis are feeling especially cunty, we'll intend for it to mean the exact opposite of the logical, algorithmic answer. the only masterminds able to infer these unprecedented flips are born and raised kiwis, and maybe an aussie or two that were dropped on their head a bit much.
1. "oi look at that chick mate, she got a rig on her" "oh yeah nah bro i'll pass, her face is kinda rank."

2. "im popping off to the dairy g you want anything?" "yeah nah ill take a saussie roll ta"
by fatfloppyfanny April 20, 2020
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Yeah nah is a very non committal way of saying “no”. The “yeah” represents that the person has heard you, and the “nah” shows that they are replying with a negative or disapproving response. Not to be confused with Nah yeah.
Example: He asked if I wanted to go to pighunting with him on the weekend for our first date, it was a kind offer but I was like yeah nah.
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by Yeah Nah Guy March 17, 2019
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Australian slang. Means no.

Sometimes confused with Nah Yeah (Meaning Yes).
Person 1: Wanna go out tonight?
Person 2:. Yeah nah.
by A smol aussie child November 08, 2017
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Heavily used slang in Australia. Used when you are reluctant to commit to a firm answer. Yeah nah is another way of saying yeah I hear you but no is the likely answer. While nah yeah is like saying I don't agree with what you saying but yeah is the likely answer.
DO you want to punch some billies at Davo's?
Yeah nah, I've got work tomoz.
by smoothoz February 05, 2018
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When you think is something okay and good, turns out it wasn't.
"Do you wants some of our new wine"
"You sure?"
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by MeatloafRecipe May 22, 2019
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