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This is how Toronto mans version of "oh yeah?". Can also be used with the same sarcastic undertone as "oh yeah?" too.
Mostly just a "yeah" but of course followed by the traditional Canadian trademark "eh". Drizzy says it too.
Adam: Yo, G, mans are 'bout to catch a straight defaz
Greg *looks sassily to the boys* : Yeah eh???
by mfj7 September 09, 2018
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A slang that is majority of the time used by Toronto guys/girls use while flirting. It is the Toronto version of "oh yah? ;)"
You: I am trying to study, but you are way too distracting

Him: Yeah eh?


You: If you don't stop being cute, i might just have to snatch your number
Her: yeah eh?
by yourmanzonmyline May 26, 2018
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