This is how Toronto mans version of "oh yeah?". Can also be used with the same sarcastic undertone as "oh yeah?" too.
Mostly just a "yeah" but of course followed by the traditional Canadian trademark "eh". Drizzy says it too.
Adam: Yo, G, mans are 'bout to catch a straight defaz
Greg *looks sassily to the boys* : Yeah eh???
by mfj7 September 09, 2018
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A slang that is majority of the time used by Toronto guys/girls use while flirting. It is the Toronto version of "oh yah? ;)"
You: I am trying to study, but you are way too distracting

Him: Yeah eh?


You: If you don't stop being cute, i might just have to snatch your number
Her: yeah eh?
by yourmanzonmyline April 13, 2018
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A Canadian phrase often said in response to really any sort of claim or statement from another Canadian. It is meant to mean "right on" or "how 'bout that". Very informal in nature, usually used in conversation between two guys who are friends or at least casual acquaintances.
Canadian Man 1: "So Donny was telling me the ponds are ready to go for the winter eh".
Canadian Man 2: "Oh yeah eh?"
by DonnyDancer47 April 23, 2021
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