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One appropriate time it would be acceptable to say ‘Yeae’ would be in the place of saying ‘Hi, I’m home.’ You would just give a loud Yeae and everyone in your apartment would know you were home. Yeae would also be appropriate if you looked out the window of your apartment and saw a car. Using Yeae hear would just let everyone know that a car pulled out of its parking spot and left or is idling outside. If you heard a loud noise either from your apartment or from an apartment around you, yelling Yeae would be appropriate to get everyone’s attention that a noise was just made. If you have been sitting in your room for hours and no one has stopped in to say hello, yelling Yeae would be appropriate to let everyone know that you are still in your room. When you leave your apartment, be sure to yell Yeae so your roommates know you are leaving the building. When someone new enters the apartment, yelling Yeae is an excellent idea so that your roommates know that someone is there. When your roommate comes back from class, yell Yeae so they feel welcomed back into the environment. If you agree with someone, yell Yeae so that they know you agree. And last but not least is if someone yells Yeae, yell Yeae back. It is rude if you do not responed with a Yeae. A series of A series of Yeae-ing may last anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes depending on how serious the Yeae-ing is.
Note: Additional e’s mean that that particular Yeae is held out longer than another Yeae.
a. Walk into your apartment. “Yeae!”
b. See a car outside move. “Yeaee!”
c. A pan is dropped next door. “Yeae!”
d. You have been studying in your room for two hours. “Yeae!”
e. Leave for class. “Yeae!”
f. A friend walks in the door. “Yeae!”
g. Your roommate is back from a big exam. “Yeae!”
h. Agreeing that the dishes need washed “Yeae!”
i. “Yeae!” “Yeaee!” “Yeae!” “Yeaeee!” “Yeaeeeee!”
by Thuggygirl February 19, 2014
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