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Yassamina a good ass person really loves music. She is really pretty, she keeps her relationship for a long time. Yassamina also known for having a big ass butt. She likes her men sexy and brave and she also good in bed. This girl will do anything for her man Yassamina usually dates guys with a letter L or Z as there first name. She is very smart and confident in what she wants. She makes good friends and long friendships she always taking care of people before her also. Sometimes Yassamina gets pissed and fixes her mistakes. But Yassamina a good kid a good sex person and a good friend.
Boy 1 my gf so fine
Boy2 what's her name
Boy1 Yassamina

Boy2 she is that one Chick in my class

Boy1 she fine right

Boy2 hell yeah and a bad ass
Boy1 sorry she taken
by Hi I'm jasen March 14, 2017
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She is a great friend and is very caring also friendly. For example she always putting everyone before herself.
She is very funny or humorous, and always has a smile on her face no matter what the situation is. She is smart,talented, and athletic or sporty. She is very damn gorgeous ( but doesn't think much of it). She is so gifted or talented in the category of music, also speaks many languages. Yassamina is definable as a girly girl most of the time. And lastly she enjoys making everyone's day go great shes also a good kisser and girlfriend.
if only i knew a Yassamina she so fun and gorgeous.
by Hi I'm jasen March 05, 2019
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