A phrase used to describe the art of shopping at large numbers of yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales.
"I can't WAIT to go yard sailing this weekend!"

"Yard sailing is my favorite activity of late."

"There's nothing I would rather do than go yard sailing."
by www.babysue.com April 28, 2006
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Being of absent mind to the point of not knowing where you are, what you are doing, who you are, or where another party favor is.
"Dude, today is a Yard Sail type of day, I left my wallet in that dirty raver's car and threw up in my own mouth."

"You guys are totally Yardsailed, I love it, Rave?"

"She is strung out on 10 Zanex, she is a yard Sail"
by BodhiCypha November 9, 2008
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The act of having one's belongings absolutely thrown and strewn across the ground after unintentionally hitting, bumping, or dropping something.

Can be used in most situations, typically humorous. Meant to mimic a yard sale, in which your crap is all across your yard.

Most commonly used when a large amount of items is dropped, or when a vehicle carrying a large amount of loose cargo hits an obstacle.
The waitress tripped over some dummies purse and yard sailed everyone's food across the floor!
by DatSuperPig December 6, 2020
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