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A yard nigga is a man or woman, not color specific, who is in charge of the yard. He is like a maintenance/handy man but more nigga like attributes. Like fucking fat white girls, getting food from the hot dog truck, selling drugs on his prepaid phone and smokin blunts with his boys.

yard niggas are loyal and are not deterred by any sort of abuse, verbal or physical, and will not do any harm other than tell extravagant stories and white lies which hurts no one other than their own credibility.

yard niggas are not reliable in any way shape or form.

yard niggas are a must for any small to medium business, they arent something to rely on but they certainly get it done
yo bossman, we just knocked over 20 gallons of paint, whos gonna clean this up?
boss: call the yard nigga!
by mfer farhat August 22, 2019
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