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Obviously a Macross fan with multiple copies of the same VF design made subpar by Yamato toys. A Yamatool is also someone who got yamatoed but is too yamatotionalized to understand their condition.

Yamatools defend and at times, flame toy collectors on messageboards who point out obvious flaws of all the Yamato toys, oblivious to the fact that they also own the same stuff and that theirs are also broken.

Yamatools' goal is also to someday do enough service to get on Yamato Toys good books and be allowed table scraps of "insider" info that is already long published by magazines like Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby.
Yamatool: Hey man, how's it going with your new Yamato 1/60 YF19 with the foldboosters?

Macross Fan: It transforms floppily, it still has no locking chestplate, the nose is still tight as hell and the foldildos doesn't come with batteries included. For USD200 they should at least include the batteries. Other than that, it sweet!

Yamatool: You gotta find yerself a new hobby man...
by beware of blast October 27, 2007
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