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A rare name belonging to the ibibio tribe of Akwaibom region. It is rare because it defines a girl with a rare beauty. People with this name are usually pretty, cute and beautiful all in one. She doesn't like keeping much friends but chooses few life longing friends. Loves to hang around boys compared to girls. Doesn't tolerate nonsense. And gives you a reply just with her eyes. Yakndara has a mother's heart, she's a number 1 model from start and can hardly be seperated from. Doesn't appear slutty in person but likes taking pictures close to that. Might always say she's not fund of kids but has this strong bond when she is with one. Most of all her smile brings this mystical happiness to a viewer. Wants a guy who understands her and can never break her heart. She is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for cause her attitude can not be easily found just like her name
Who is that lady that looks so extraordinarily beautiful sitting in the corner.

Ohh that's Yakndara be careful as you approach her. She's like a white panther beautiful but dangerous.
by Lovetobeloved June 17, 2018
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