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When someone tries to disparage you or blame you for something that their lil-ass-fucked brain is prided by it's most common envy-balanced wicked figure, you would prefer stay stoned by their ant-sucked mind and say "yadadadadadadadad" for the green-eyed orcas to let yourself down by their envy!
Valancy : Personally, I don’t see why you decided to go on for the competition. It is extremely true that you don't have any self-respect for life!

Jacey : Oh!!! Damn! Swish the shit!

Valancy : But you always eats junkies and tells yourself a ugly-willed and imperfect pissflaps! And other do say you are a moronic clumsy pig!


Jacey : Yadadadadadadadad!!!!! (Someone please show this dumbbitch a brain that doesn't matter whether it's rotten or not! Cuz in reality, she has no idea what is BRAIN!)
by yadadadadadadadad May 22, 2018
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