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Any form of caveman Spermatazoa originating from males name Fred living in a city named Bedrock. After coitus with Wilma Fred would usually wipe his 'Yabba-Dabba-Goo' on a wash-rag, push the pelican's foot to open the bird's mouth (much like a trashcan) and drop the 'Goo' covered rag into the Pelican's Mouth. The bird at this point usually would turn, look at the camera, and say, "Bwawk! And you think you've got a shitty job!!' Bwawk....'
When Barney's wife Betty Rubble undressed herself thru the window with full knowledge that Fred was watching, it caused Fred to have an 'Erocktion' and spew his 'yabba-dabba-goo' on the side of Barney's house. When Barney found out that his wife Betty showed Fred 'the goods' he made mad violent love to Betty from behind and ended it with a 'Pterodactyl Punch' to the back of Betty's head thus knocking her out. (see donkey punch)
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
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