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It’s charcoal
Candace: I’ve got them steaks, you bring the xylanthrax.
Farmel: Anthrax?
Candace: No man, the charcoal, it’s xylanthrax.
Farmel: George Bloody Wilson say’s “you can’t say cunt in Canada.”
Candace: Adam Sandler says “he’s got know idea what’s going on with chicken pot pie in lunch lady land.” Where did the hobbit boy go with the grill?
Farmel: He’s in the shed with Erik
Candace: Darn it, there goes dinner those two fluffers take way to long playing leap frog on each others dongs.
Farmel: I think need the anthrax instead.
Candace: It’s not my fault your guy and your bro are gayer than Daniel Tosh with Jimmy Falons ping pong balls screaming god hates queers while they play master of the realms with each others taint tickles. Mr. Garison would play too. Ding, dong it’s easy em k. Christmas is hear. You bro is queer.

Farmel: Dumb ditch you love the queer.

Candace: You love a hobbit that licks the peanut butter off the dog.

Farmel: Even?
Candace: Yeah, were even. I support Jew Theater anyway.
by HlpM3hlpMeL April 06, 2010
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