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Was born born march 20th 2010 and is the identification to the worst call of duty modern warfare montage maker of all time. The montage was uploaded on to Youtube at 5:00 pm on April 24th 2010.

xTra_StRAiiFE or Jack Bruce for short is also known for the 17-2 commentary on favela which consisted of g18 akimbo sprays.
Hi there I'm xTra_STRAiiFE, and I'm bringing you this... video... now. I go about 17-2 on favela. As you can see I join this quite late our scores 34 and theres is 132. My primary weapon is my intervention, with FMJ of course, and I love my G18 akimbos. I find them to be the best-err i find them to be good if not the best secondary weapons in the game. But the only problem with G18s is everything but akimbos just bounces and bounces and bounces... a chicka- UH i guess silencer isnt to bad. As you can see I'm using a semtex, I tried to chuck a random throwing knife but........ it did not work out for me whatsoever. - Jack Bruce April 30th 2010 17-2 favela.

I whip out my pred missile, I just bust it out - Jack Bruce April 30th 2010 17-2 Favela.
by Jack the ford May 12, 2011
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