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He's the realist person you will ever meet . He's so cool , cute , tall , loyal , buff , chocolate && handsome asf . He's always there wen you need him . Wytavious is better known as Taman ! Taman is a really good person you can call your Bessfrann . He'll never leave your side even wen time gets hard . Taman wouldn't trade nobody with his girl Bessfrann he have now , so there's no one out there that's willing to take her place.
Mona : Do you know Taman ?

Trina : That fine basketball player , Wytavious? Yeah , I know him what about him ?

Mona : You should find you a man like him . He sooo loyal . He have my back through it all , even his girl Bessfrann is 10 toes behind me !

Trina : okay girl , I'll keep looking .
by Armonii March 25, 2017
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