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Wyosnick is a surname unique to the United States. Rooted in Prussia, the name was anglicized in 1888 upon the arrival of Andrew Wyosnick (1864-1924).

Wyosnick's are known to be kind hearted, honorable people. Loyalty and honesty are key traits of this family. Wyosnick's are known to be great sociable folk, definitely someone to be a best friend and party animal. Beware, Wyosnick's tend to be very passionate about their interests. Both personally, professionally and privately......... Bow chica, bow wow...
The Wyosnick's are an awesome family!

Wyosnick just rocked my socks off!

Can't believe Wyosnick just downed that whole thing in 1.6 seconds!

Call Wyosnick, he can kill it... Party next week? Call Wyosnick!
by MaestroNurse October 10, 2014
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