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What The Fuck In The Butt . A cross breed between WTF and the WWITB (What What In The Butt) song.
chick: did you hear the us is cancelling the Constellation space program?
dude: WTFITB!
chick: that's what I said.
by theroot November 06, 2012
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WTFITB=Who The Fuck Is That Bitch?!?!

The question one asks in a very confused and/or disapproving manner when they surprisingly come to know about the new chick in the group.
When you're hangin out with your usual circle of friends and all of a sudden a new chick joins your crew and starts talking to you like she knows you and you look over to ur BFF, confused, and whisper 'ummm, who the fuck is that bitch?' Or 'WTFITB'
by SuperHD January 26, 2016
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