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Can be wtfdelete or wthdelete.

Meaning something that doesn't make sense or doesn't belong there, so you end up confused and deleting it.
Can also be used in social networking sites, when one of your friends changes their name and you don't know who that is at first, so you're confused and can't remember adding that person, so you're going to want to delete them.
~Friend 1: -going through pictures on computer and randomly finds a picture of a pig with a mustache-
Friend 2: Why is that in my vacation album?! wtfdelete?!

~On Fb...
person: -sees that "Johnny Rickfield" has commented on their status.- wtfdelete!
Yet this person doesn't realize that their friend James has changed his facebook name.
by lessthanthreeeeee<3 June 06, 2011
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