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Wtfcleona comes from "wtf" and the meaning is pretty much the same as wtf too. It's something you write or shout if you get excited or suprised. It was originally created by a group of danish Warcraft III players, but the extension to the original "wtf" makes it much easier to shout out loud than the short version, if something funny weird/funny/crazy happens. Usually written without caps.

wtf = what the fuck
cleona = Is when it's combined with the "wtf" just a good word which make the original more powerfull and nice to say in real life.
It can be used almost anytime something suprises you, for example if someones hero in a Warcraft III map is totally overpowered and nobody sees it until it out of nowhere kills a bunch of troops, then the enemy whose army just died can shout out "wtfcleona" exactly as "WTF" just more powerfull.
by Nedturs_kakao April 13, 2009
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