wtf haxorz!!! is "What the fuck, hacker" written in l33t language, term used in online games to define people who are hacking, but most of the time, good players are often seen as hackers
*A guy kills a noob*
Noob: WTF HAXORZ!!!!
by Leet Whacker May 10, 2016
An exclamatory phrase to be used when angrily leaving, or rage quitting, a Facebook group, as if somebody gives a flying farfignewton of a fuck. Helps if you're leaving because you're offended because other people are offended.
Though he was but a humble man, his name was legendary. For it was the name to exclaim when you throw a fit and leave a group. Whether or not he had anything to do with one’s anger, it simply became a “bye Felicia” for gen xers. “Wtf Wykeve!?” - Dusty Reynolds
by krazykingkeve December 11, 2017
When you search a simple term on Google , but end up being redirected constantly to sites such as "poker slots" claiming you won the jackpot, fake programs telling you your drive is full and need to download a "memory cleaner", adult chat sites or things asking for your credit card number. Basically nothing you actually searched for.
John: "did you finish your term paper last night?"
Joe: "Nah, I kept getting wtf webbed"
by July 31, 2022
omg guys wtf is lil christ doing!!!!! in the retarded closet!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf he also left the door oh no guys!!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!!!!! lil christ what are you doing!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!
guys wtf is lil christ doing!!! oh no..... why does he do wtf in the closet every night when i come home!!!!!! OMG HE CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET WTF OH GOD OH FUCK!!!!!!!!! MOMMMMMY!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
by SteinsSpar March 27, 2019
The wholesome way of saying : YOU DIDNT KNOW? What? Wtf $@&%#. When someone should know something
You : Hey
Then : Who this
You : Wtf Izaiah

You : ITS ME
Them : OMG
by March 4, 2020
When you fall asleep while binge watching a show and wake up completely lost about what is happening.
While watching Picard in my comfy chair, I binge WTFed myself again.
by Balauk May 14, 2022
Where The Food At?
bro1: "yo this weed is giving me the munchies."
bro2: "let's go find some noms."
*unsuccessfully searches for food*
bro1: "WTF@?!"
by TheSaucyOneXD December 23, 2011