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Situation in which you misalign your finger keyboard positions while typing, either being shifted vertically or horizontally, producing a completely random and nonsensical array of letters. It usually ends with a "wtf" expression.
Person One: Dude, guess what. Yesterday I went to walmart and the most randomest thing happened to me. So there was this elderly woman that gave me a fucking naughty stare that literally caused my insides to convulge. Then, siffrmy;u djr dysdtyrf yp ;olr / djr gotdy dystdyrf yp lo;; yjr ns;d smf yjrm djr lo;;rf yjr notf esoy eyg s, o etoyyomh ,sm

Person Two: .....
Person one:
Person two: lol wrong hand situation
by destinedfate4527 October 04, 2007
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