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Wrightwood is a beautiful mountain town high in the San Gabriel Mountains of California, off the 15 freeway, or "on the way to Vegas." It is home to about 4,000 people. Kids here grow up with the same people and have friends for life. Mountain High ski resort is about 5 miles up, and brings in a lot of tourists, and snow players. Beautiful all year round, the skies are blue as the town sits above the LA smog, pine trees fill the streets, and in the winter, fresh snow makes way for sledding. The drawback is the town in far away from most everything else besides the high desert towns, and it takes 30 min. to go to the movies. However, it is still located in Southern California, so LA or the beach is only 1 hour and a half away!
Girl in OC: "No one knows where I'm from."

Friend: "Where are you from?"

Girl: "Wrightwood, it's a small little mountain town."

Friend: "Ohhh ok. Yeah, never heard of it."
by Smalltowngirl06 December 27, 2013
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