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hyperbolic, highly intense interjection often used at the end of a heated argument between two people (usually intimate partners) in the hope of one person trumping the insult just previously mouthed by the other.
Man : You KNOW I wasn't with Christine last night. I was at Bill's helping him repair his garage door !
Woman : The hell you were ! Donna told me this morning she SAW the both of you at Starbucks last night around 9 p.m. !
Man : Hell if I was !! She's a goddam liar and you KNOW it !!
Woman : Do NOT call my best friend a liar !! I'll call your boss and tell him how you embezzled $2000 from the company till last month !!
Man : Oh REALLY ? Well I'll call your mother and tell her how much of an alcoholic you've become in the last six weeks !!!
Woman : Don't you threaten me, you sonofabitch !!! I'll fuck you up good !!!
Man : Yeah ? And I'll wreck your world !!!
by Virgin Suicides June 10, 2017
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